Shak Edwards


Shak holds 15+ years of playing basketball at various levels from OBA (Ontario Basketball Association) to OCAA (Ontario College Athletic Association) they were proven to be some of the most impactful years of her life. She certainly discovered a family of coaches, players and mentors who continue to support her missions today. Shak sees sports as a catalyst for personal growth, an opportunity for participants of any skill level to strengthen themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. While building respectful community connections.

Shak’s World empowers youth to stay humble and kind when striving for greatness while guiding while providing access to mental and physical wellness tools. These relationships are proven to hold more weight and importance in the day to day life of our youth than most may assume. Through years of experience as a coach, player, referee, scorekeeper, convener and managing media coverage for various sports sources- basketball has been ingrained into her life in a beautiful way.

Being able to share this experience with the upcoming generations and help them create healthy long-lasting bonds is very important to Shak’s mission. This organization was founded on the idea that a sports organization can deliver both athletic AND community development at every age and ability. To create a more unified community. Changing the mentality of our youth is a big mission but with the support of our community, through basketball she believes we can make an amazing difference in countless lives.


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McKeyra Peter

Vice President

McKeyra Peter graduated from the University of Toronto with an HBA in Criminology and Diaspora Studies. McKeyra’s basketball lineage dates back to 1960 where Kirt and Chris McNeilly played at Jarvis Collegiate Institute. Both are retired, after 30+ years of teaching in the TCDSB.

McKeyra has a shared passion for community service, design, clothing, and functional technology. With more than 9 years of business experience, he’s interested in innovating new ways of creating community resources that are absurdly useful, effective, and sustainable.

Mckeyra as Vice President of Shak’s World displays the Stay Humble And Kind philosophy through his work and passion for catering to youth globally.

Kevin Wilson

Head Coach Research and Development Youth Mentorship

Kevin is a graduate of the Kinesiology degree program from Brock University and graduate of the Fitness and Health diploma program from Fleming College. He played on the varsity basketball team at both institutions. Currently, Kevin studies a Master of Science in Physiotherapy in Scotland (UK) and has worked as a Student Physiotherapist for many pro basketball clubs.